Trump Wins.

I’m so glad this election is over.  We know the media is going to be all over Trump and finally doing their job.  Thats good.  I hope Trump does the things he says.  I do not want to see the GOP do the same thing they did under Bush.  Stop with the power grabs and money payoffs.  Americans must be involved and make these changes happen.

Lets all work as Americans and keep these guys in check.  The open check books and corrupt media/government must stop.

Congrats to President Elect Trump.

2016 Election

This is crazy. How has America come to this? Hillary Clinton and her Crime family or Donald Trump the Developer/TV Star? I’m not happy about our choices but the fact everyone hates Trump, maybe that good for America. When our government is working great, it seams that we add Trillions to our debt. I tend to judge the person by their family and friends. That only gives me one choice in this election.

Is it only me?

How can our country spend Trillions more every year and think it will not hurt us?

Why are we bringing in millions from Mexico and South America but have no money to take care of our veterans?

How can paying to bring Muslims here and paying everything for them going to help Americans?

I thought politicians took a oath to protect and defend our Constitution?  What is the punishment if they don’t do it?

I have more questions, but I will start with these.

Is the cold war really over?

More and more it looks like the Communist are going to win the war. Reagan won the battle but are we going to win this war? Russia has learned to purchase new media and divide and conquer. Everything I see in the news and media is designed to divide Americans up, get us fighting each other so Communism can come in and fix everything. We must look at the big picture and stop fighting over little things. The debt will crush America all by itself. Insider trading by politicians and their families cause huge problems for us. If you love America and like your freedom, lets work together and`take it back.

The Progressives (Communists) plan.

Use all the “Divide and Conquer” groups doing everything they can to keep the media distracted. Who knows what going on right now in government? The news is covering pizza place that will not make pizza’s for gay marriage. Thats the big issue for gays today??? How does forcing a women out of business for having an opinion about gay married become so important? Does the help the gay agenda or hurt them? Groups should fight for their rights but not at the expense of another.

How many Christians before this story would have supported gays and their rights to be equal under the law?  How many now understand that gays should not have the right to destroy others for having an opinion?  The last time I checked, you can have a different opinion.  The huge gay wedding business can go to another Pizza place to cater their wedding.  We know how many gay weddings cater from a Pizza place.

Stop letting these political groups Divide and Conquer America. Just because the media is progressive and wants to divide us up, we should not let them.  Americans have more in common with each other then any of us do with the elites telling us how to feel and what to say.  I promise you that gays and lesbians will not have more rights under a Muslim Dictator.

Minimum Wage hike

I’ve heard how great and how bad this is.  I only see how this helps college grads with huge school lines getting these entry level jobs.  This is how the government forces the poor out of even the easiest jobs in America.  This helps the banks because they get their money back.  I don’t think this is a good idea.

Illegal immigrants flooding America

We watch the news and hear about all these poor kids coming to America.  The GOP is blaming Democrats but nothing is being done.  The government is trying everything they can to take away Americans guns.  Lets think on one crazy theory.

Ask yourself two questions.

1.  Obama loves America and is doing everything he can to make it a safer place and provide every American a job? or

2. Obama could be a Muslim that dislikes America and how spoiled we are compared to the rest of the world?  Obama wants to bring down American like he has already told us he wanted to? (Look it up, he wants to be remembered for bringing America down)

Is it possible that the sudden rush of children coming across our border less then 2 years before Obama gets out of office is his way to make it very easy for his “friends” to cross into America with anything they want and need to bring down America?  Border patrol has to spend all its time dealing with these children while the drug cartels, and even worse, Muslim extremist, can bring in everything they want and need to terrorize America.  Especially if a “small government” non progressive gets elected in 2016.  Then they can unleash all these terrorist that Obama said are no longer out there.

Does anyone even ask how these kids got the $500 or more needed to cross the border into America?  Who provides them this money?  Why?  Why are we bussing these kids all over America?  Why not fly them back to their country and send them home?  These kids are going to get free everything from welfare to college when the government makes a new “special class” of American.

If you wanted to bring down America, could you think of any better way to move your army into America then what is going on right now?

I just don’t think anything happens by accident.

Understand why all the issues in media

The best way to keep control of the people is to divide them up.  We all fall for it every time.  If you have enough issues you can divide up any group especially when you control the media.

Americans need to stay focused on just the important issues and not ones that the government will not do anything about.

We need to go back to the Constitution and not Case Law.

We need to require or cut all government employee’s pay and benefits by 10% first year, 20% second year and so on until they spend what they earn.  Debt is the largest threat to liberty and freedom.  Not the military’s pay because its the only thing in the Constitution we should have and pay for.

Homeland Security must be stopped from operating with weapons in any state.  Local police should be in charge of security using experts provided by Homeland Security.

If you don’t see Homeland Security like the SS in Germany, you are not looking hard.  Bush built is and Obama is refining it.  Why do you think they are cutting military benefits and pay?  They defend and protect the Constitution.  Homeland Security does not.

The real reason for the IRS

If you look at what the IRS does and how it works, we are screwed.  The IRS sets it policies to benefit people not to be married.  Have lots of children without being married.  Taxes the middle income crazy amount with little tax breaks.  Gives the poor just enough to get by but not enough to get our of poverty.  The rich and elite hardly pay any tax compared to middle income people.

Look at just basic traffic tickets.  These are discriminating against the poor, in fact, they are just another tax on the poor.  My wife got a ticket for $365 and a set belt ticket for $125.  Whats up with the seat belt ticket?  Who cares if I kill myself in my car with my insurance?  That’s $590 in one stop.  My wife clears maybe $390 after insurance and taxes.  Thats 8 days of work.  To make this fine equal and not discriminate rich people should be fined 8 days of income, (includes investment incomes).

We need to start making a group of people, not black, not white, not hispanic, Poor to middle income people who want fairness in government regulations.  I need a lawyer that would sue for these unfair, discrimination types of rules and regulations. Gas taxes at $1 per gallon hurt poor people 1000 times more the rich ones.  (Rich have 10 million or more)

Please, all Americans who do not think the government is working right, must understand that they just Divide and Conquer us to steal our money.  Progressives can not be helped, but we need the old school liberals, libertarians, conservatives and poor that want to succeed join against the unfair attack to keep us down.