What happens to the lawyers?

popcorn timeWhen Obamacare is the only insurance program who do you sue when something goes wrong?  Do you think that you can sue the government when they make medical mistakes?  What protects you when these things happen?

The only way you will even get Doctors and nurses to work will be to make promises that they can not be sued.  This is a perfect system for bad doctors to work and keep on making mistakes.  On the job training with your mother, father, children.

I just thought about this yesterday and now I know why the rest of the world can’t understand all our lawsuits.  We sue because people and companies have done you wrong.  It is how free enterprise works and keeps us safe.

Having far less lawyers sounds good to me but is it?  If all the good doctors only work for the few private rich insurance companies, what health care are the rest us going to get?

I don’t know about you but the free Obamacare has made our health insurance cost more then we earn for the family.  We have had to drop the kids from our health insurance and hope for the best.  Because we are married we cannot get medicaid.  If we get a divorce then our kids can get on medicaid and full health insurance, we do not want to get divorce in order to get government help.