Obamacare to raise your insurance premiums.

Will your babies health problem be approved by Obama care’s 8 member board?

No new taxes if you earn under $250,000!!!!  Remember when we were told you can keep the insurance you have now, well as long as you pay the new tax on that premium.  It will start out at 3 to 5% and I’m sure will grow untill all those under $250,000 have to be on Obamacare.

Remember, a board of 8 unelected members will decide on what care you will get and how much they will spend.  If you do not like it, well, write your congressman.  You know how much these guys look out for you.  Almost every family in congress send their kids to private schools, they all get the best health care in the world, they pay nothing in and get full coverage.  Don’t forget, they get full social security benefits without having to put any money into program.  I’m sure they will fix this and start pitching in.  One good thing about that is they want to keep that program going because they need it for themselves.

If you had this health care coverage and full retirement from the government would you really care about a 70 year old father not getting his cancer treatment?  How about your child’s heart transplant?  We will have to wait for the approval.  You can only get approval Monday-Friday 9-5 except government holidays?

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