What is this Fiscal Cliff?

Here is a very easy to understand video on what the fiscal cliff is, or why our government is the problem.  Americans better start understanding what the truth is.  If anyone in the government tells us the truth we vote them out, so who is the real problem?

Dem or Rep is more like a husband and wife.  They have different ways to get things done but they work for the same family.  They look out for each other and share the rewards of each others work.  We have to understand that there is Government and American People.  Those are the two different families working for two different objectives.

The government wants to make more money and grow bigger.  They want to make sure that every one in their family is taken care.  They don’t care who or how they get the money just make sure you keep getting it.

The American People just want to work and support their families.  Most just want a home, car, good schools, food, and a little time to have fun with the family.  Most are willing to work very hard to have this and would never hurt other Americans to make this happen.

Stop letting the government divide up Americans so they can take all of our money and just keep on growing and spending.