Fair share of taxes

Do you think that this new tax the rich program will tax the rich???  They will get more exemptions and pass any new taxes down to the workers of America.

Fair = same!  Every American should pay their fair share.  If you work, you should pay the same income tax as any other American!  We should have the same tax rate for investment income!

We should not have any tax deductions!!!!!  This is a no brainer.  If every American paid the same tax rate for the same services then every American would expect their government to work wisely.  Would you let them spend 1 trillion without any idea of were it is going if the tax rate for every American would have to go up to pay it?

All government programs except SS as it was written should be taxed, showing the tax on each check.  SS was not a program for every kid, politicians retirement, etc.  S.S. should be reformed to where new people coming in only have to put their money into a retirement fund that cannot be touched until 68.  Those who want to stay in it can.  This would only take one generation to get it out of government control.

If you as a taxpayer would like to support food stamps and other programs you just check a box and how much you want to pay, that becomes the budget for that department.  If no one wants to pay they should not have to.

Having one person work and take their money to another, is slavery.  Just remember every slave owner thought they where doing the slaves a favor by giving them a home, job, food.  The slave owner just made money from them and used it as they wanted to.

Every IRS tax return should show how much was spent on each top government positions with benefits, plus provide a copy of government benefits they get so we can see if they get their fair share from the tax payer.

How many Americans get the same pay and benefits as government Unions?  We are paying taxes to these Unions.  The Unions use this money from us to put politicians in to office.  The politicians make policies to take tax money and give to school Unions.  Its the circle of government life.