Public School Shootings

I’m sorry to all the families, and know that those teachers did everything they could to protect the children.  I’m sorry to say that now we will see the only problem and only solution to these kinds of shooting.  Gun Control.

Without knowing anything about this kids mental health, without knowing if the mother gave her life to stop her son from stealing her guns, without knowing this, the media knows that gun control will stop all killings and crime in America.

I would like to know why do these shooting only happen at government run and Union teachers, schools?  Could it be because the kids watch their teachers use violence to get what they want?  Could it be that there is not much hope for kids coming out of public schools?  Could it be that so many kids come from a one parent home?  Could it be all the hate in politics and elections effecting children in ways we just don’t understand?

I could write about 50 things that I would like to know caused this kid to go find a gun!  Then I could write 50 more things on what caused him to think that that is a good idea?  I know the gun did not tell him to use it!

The problem we are going to have now is, not one of these questions will even be asked!  Not a single one will ever get a answer!  Why you may ask?  Because our government wants control the American people before the dollar is worthless and most understand that the government causes more problems then it fixes.  They just tell us, well you don’t want gun control so we can’t fix these school shootings.  Really?  only gun control?

The last time I looked it is against the law to enter a school and start shooting your gun at every one.  I’m sure they even posted a sign at the door that this is a drug free, and gun free zone.  I bet the gun comes with instructions that say do not point this gun at any person.

Every law that has been written or will be written can be used for good and evil.  There are crazy people out there that want to do harm, lets start asking the questions that will help stop them before they look for a way to kill.

Having my kids in elementary school scares the stuffing out of any parent.  Please, lets find out why this kid lost it and try to stop the next one.  I don’t want to here about gun control because this will not fix anything at all.  It will help evil grow faster.  When Americans give up their freedom and liberty what chance does any other person on earth have?