Why would the rich want tax hikes?

This story tells you the truth about taxing the rich.  It sounds great to say, “Tax the rich”  Do you ever wonder why the “Rich” give this people so much money?  They get to write the tax code that no poor person could ever use.

The rich pay 5% more in taxes so Obama looks good with his base.  Then he gives it back with interest to the same rich people in tax code.  How many of you have a full time tax attorney?  Do you have accounts though out the world to avoid taxes?  Can you have overseas companies?

How many people really think the rich are going to pay more?  How man people know that the average person will pay the higher taxes?  When you tax the evil oil companies, do you think they just cut the CEO’s pay or raise gas prices?  If you tax the owners of companies, do they just live off less money, or do they stop hiring and freeze pay increases?

Don’t let Washington fool you, don’t let the media trick you.  Understand the real story.