Solutions for America’s Problems.

People, you do not need the government to go out and buy silver and gold. Maybe stop buying all this crap we don’t need and buy silver, gold, food, guns. Did you see people in 1777 lining up asking the government for government aid?  These people gave up their lives for freedom.  80+% Americans will not even vote 1 time every 4 years for freedom. We expect our military to die for our freedom, but we cannot even take 1 hour to look at a person to see if they will fight for our rights or if they want to take them.  Most Americans vote for who makes the best 30 second spot and can tell the best lies. If they tell the truth, Americans will vote them out of office, then complain about how bad congress is.

Lets start with the people as the problem, then understand the truth. The truth will hurt every American one way or another. You don’t vote people out of office because they tell you the truth. If we start there, we may have a chance.  P.S. you don’t vote on one issue, like right to life, tax the rich, health care, etc. Hundreds of issues, and who is should really fix them, should be looked at.

Name me one thing that the government has done that fixed a problem without causing even more problems?  How does it cost billions of dollars to extend a tax break?  The damage from the problems are easy to deal with compared to the damage from the government solution.

Example, turn corn into gas, food shortage around the world because rich people are using food for gas.  Any idea of how many people in the world died because their country could not afford to buy corn?  How can they compete against the rich and their cars?  They don’t have anything.  This is one small example.