Gun Control

Start understanding the Truth, gun control is not to stop crime but increase government power.  You can never have a dictator in office until all you citizens are unarmed.  This is a progressive step towards complete government control.  The sooner you understand this, the sooner you understand what progressive means.  They slowly progress towards their goals.

You have to give credit to the Democrat, progressive, liberal.  These guys are very good at taking away your rights and freedoms and making you think that they are doing you a favor.

America has given and protected its peoples rights and freedoms more than any other government is history.  God gave us these rights and our founders gave us guns to protect those God given rights.

When you take the guns away, you will have to ask the government for your rights and freedom.

Most Americans will say, “I will never give up my guns!”  Say what you want but when the homeland security comes to each home, one at a time to take your guns, you will give them your guns.  If you don’t, there will be one more gun holding drug dealer killed.  Thank you HS for protecting us.  I’m so glad the government is taking all of these drug dealers off the street.

Why do you think they need everyone to register their guns?  This way they know how many guns each home should have when they come to take them.

God gives us our rights and guns protect them!  This is a fight of good verses evil.