The right will never win.

The right can never win.  The left are masters at getting what they want, even if people think the same they can get them to fight each other.  Look at the libertarians!  If it was not their guy then they will put in Obama!  If not pro-choice, then they will vote Obama!  If not for gay marriage they will vote for Obama! etc, etc, etc.  Let Obama mess up the country, America should get what they want.

Obama and people like him, will tell you what ever you want to hear.  They will go off a survey and say what will make the largest group happy.  They will get you upset of what will offend the smallest group possible.  They will not really say or do anything, accept get others to fight.

Even if all three of these groups or people wanted smaller government, and balance budget, they would never get it because the left would have them fighting over things that the federal government should stay out of anyway.

Look at Sara Palin, a very good choice for small government, balance budget.  The media destroyed her and even the right would not vote for her, if the media tells you she is evil then it must be true.  Marco Rubio is a good choice for at least a balance budget, but the media will destroy him also and the right will trust the media again.  (The left is the Media!!)

That’s why the left will always win, most left leaning groups support other left groups and wait for when they will get their share of the federal pie.  They will always vote for bigger government even if they don’t like the cause.

How can the right win when the left stays together and the right splits up?  Truth hurts but instead of fixing it the right will attack this and prove how I’m wrong.  The left will join in because its really just that simple.  Its easy to fix but with the media and people don’t like change!  They like to hear lies, how can anything change.

Do you really think that California, Illinois, New York, will ever run out of money?  Do you think for one second that the federal government under the Dems would ever let other Dems look bad?  Ever?  They can put billions in their account without even printing money anymore.

Here is my first talk show about politics.  I know its not that great but I’m working on it.  Its just my way to get things out of my head and onto paper or video.  I hope you enjoy and maybe it can help one day.