Is your bank account empty?

How is it we work harder and more hours but have less money every day?  We keep cutting things that we like to do, movies, eating out, etc.  At the end of every month we have less and less.

I lived with Jimmy Carter and can tell you why.  The prices of everything are going up due to policies of the government.  When you make coal harder to get and use, power goes up.  When you stop all drilling in America’s waters, oil prices go up.  When fuel cost more it cost more to get to work and back.  When you go to the store, every product in there came on a truck, trucks run on oil, products in trucks must pay for the oil, you as a consumer must pay higher prices.

When a government ads thousands of rules and regulations on businesses and banks, everything cost more.  Try getting a home loan, fees cost more, you have to give like $600 to ACORN (a left group).  Obamacare has not started yet, bet just wait until we see the real cost of Obamacare.  This is just a way to tax every American, rich and poor and say it for your own good.

All I know is we have to cut from our budget everyday, why can’t the government live within their means?