Understand Obama Care.

Its very easy to understand Obama Care.  Before Americans would pay into a insurance company $1.  Out of that dollar 2% to14% would be profit to run a company that pays bill and keeps cost down.

Now our government will collect the $1 and take $.40 and send $.60 to the insurance companies who will not care about cost.  Their profit will go crazy because the few doctors left will just bill 400% more then their billing now.  If they didn’t they would not get paid anything.

This is a win for the government. They get at least 40% to collect the taxes, the insurance company does not have to watch cost anymore, they can just set what profit they want and bill the government.  They can pad it with top heavy managers because the government could care less about the money.  IT’S NOT THEIR MONEY AND THEY CAN ALWAYS TAX THE RICH MORE!.  The rich being every American.

I put my daughter in school.  Went to the county provided all the different stuff needed, was all done and then told, “You have to go to Federal Program so they will pay”  So I go to another office, wait and see federal employee, fill out same paperwork, and then take that paper back to the county.

Why do we pay taxes to the federal government to just give us back half the amount they collected into school?  Why not just get rid of these federal people that do nothing but spend our tax money?  They are just middle men like organized crime providing protection.  Protection from them!

I was told that I was lucky to get this free schooling.  “Free”  How can the federal government collect taxes, open offices, hire employees and then collect redundant paperwork only to issue money back to the county?  How can all that be free?  I always thought free was a person doing something for no money.  Every single person in this system is getting paid.  I bet out of every tax $1 about $.05 gets to the student in the form of education.

I know that schools that teach Doctors are not getting the students they used too.  These residency programs will be short and so will the hospitals.

One quick funny story.  My wife could not get into her doctor to get a refill on her medication so she went back to ask the Emergency Room if they could give her a few more days until her appointment.  They told her she would have to register and wait, she said no thank you and went to leave, they stopped her and told her to sign a form that stated she refused using the Emergency Room, she did.  We got billed $320 for not going into Emergency Room.  Insurance paid $30 on that bill without even caring.  Do you think Obama care will stop this kind of billing?