News Stories that should upset any liberal

How can any self respecting liberal (not progressive) let this government get away with all this power and control?  Now that they are in power, everything is fine?  Really?  I’m not going to even talk about Obamacare (could have been written in one sentence, lower medicaid eligibility to include more people.) The other 18,000 pages and more are about power and control.

Fast & Furious, government plan to start gun control in America.

Pigford, government giveaway topping 4.5 billion and counting.  Sign up if you want $50,000.

Benghazi, Americans die because government will not act to save them.  Government cover up even today.

Benghazi, Americans trying to tell the truth must now fear their own government.

Gosnell Trial, Killing babies born alive and news will not even send a reporter to the trial.

President Obama’s sequester that stopped White House tours, FAA slowdowns, etc, etc.  How our president can take vacations, his wife and kids take vacations, he can golf more then work but can not afford to run government.  Remember sequester only cuts increase in spending, not spending, so President has more money then last year but can not run government.

These stories are not in the press and are put to the side or twisted.  Look at other sights to check out why these things happen and no one cares.  What kind of country are we leaving our kids?  What chance does America have?  I’m just frustrated but hopeful that my fellow Americans will wake up and start voting for smaller government.