How to fix America

1. Install and use Quick Books.

2.  Congress and their family members cannot trade or invest with any company doing business or regulated by the government.  (two years before office and two years after.)

3.  All government employees from including congress and the president must use Obamacare and write law that if they get any special treatment above any American they, and the doctor, will pay a $100,000 fine each.  (Obamacare would be voted out in 10 seconds)

4.  Mandatory 3 years in prison and $25.000 fine for voter fraud.  Any illegal alien caught in fraud can never be resident.

5.  Government aid will only be provided to the working poor.  Government will give aid to soup kitchens that provide meals to the poor.  You want your food stamps you can work in the kitchens or watch the children in government child care centers so they can get a job.  If no job and you don’t volunteer you don’t get aid.  20% more aid to complete family with two parents in the home, less for single parent. (This is a huge problem)

6. The government and its employees must follow the same laws that the government puts in place.  7.  Taxes, like gas tax, must be used for what they where designed for.  FAA tax goes to the FAA. etc. etc.

8.  All taxes must be the same for all people.  Make federal sales tax if you want to tax the rich more.  Companies would not by networks to get huge tax breaks.  If we are taxing the rich right now, why does GE? a huge company pay a effective rate of 0 federal taxes?  Look how much money we would have if we could tax private jets, 250,000 dollar cars etc instead of them writing it of as an expense.  Do you get to write your car and private plane off your taxes?