America is ready for a comeback.

One good thing about Obama is he has not done anything to help America and we are still getting by.  America is a great country and will survive Obama and his progressive friends.  This guy has spent 5 years trying to bring down America and she will not fall.

We need to put people first.  No animal, plant, bug, fish, will ever be more important then our children.

Drill for oil everywhere.  We need to be the oil leader in the world.  Lets let the rest of the world come to us for oil.

Go with a fare tax or a federal sales tax.  This will tax all the poor and rich.  If everyone is paying for the huge federal government, maybe we could cut some cost.  There is not way to cut a government that you don’t pay for.

America is ready to be the leader in everything if the government would just get out of the way.  We want good air, water, etc, without sending every job to another country.  The rules, regulations and laws make every company move to another country.  Everyone wants American made products but can’t afford them.

Please start voting for smaller government.  Don’t let these progressives distract you from the most important thing.  Smaller Government!!!!!!!