Solution To Immigration

I know how to solve the immigration problem.  Every city, county, State needs to take every “undocumented” alien and ask if they and their family would like a trip to DC.  Provide a paid one way bus ticket, hotel voucher and food voucher for one week.  Provide them a list of all public services, tours, Hospitals, bathrooms, showers, etc that are free.  Provide list of public housing, food, etc so they know where to go when they run out of money.

The cost of bus fare, hotel, and food will be far less than jail, lawsuits and crime.  When DC gets 50,000 to 5,00,000 “undocumented” aliens in their city they will fix the boarder problem.  ICE will no longer just release people on the street if DC knows there is a bus waiting to take them to Washington.

Just have a bus waiting at every prison, lockup center, boarder, and put them right in the front of the line, The White House.  This is a great 501c3 just waiting to start up.