DC Trading Cards

I have a great idea!  We need to make trading cards or all our politicians.  Put a photo, list how much they made and owned the 1st year and then present time.  List all family members that have government contracts including family members working for special interest groups.  List all the funds raised to run for office and 5 largest contributors.  Pick 5 important things to Americans and write what they voted for, not said.  Truth.  Its time we know and follow our politicians more then the Kardashians.

We need to follow all there insider trading deals that are legal for every politician but puts any other American into jail.  All men are created equal eccept politicians.  Ever time these people do something for us they get rich and we get nothing but the bill.  Americans must wake up, pay attention and understand that government causes more problems then they fix.  Every bill is always attached with billions of dollars going to friends and family of the politicians or their special interest groups.