Movie Stars on TV ads

Anyone notice all the big actors advertising products on TV?  I’ve never seen A grade level actors selling products and services on TV in the US anyway.  Is this because Hollywood is starting to feel the Obama policies?  How about inflation?  We used to watch movies once a week and now because everything cost more, our movie budget is gone.  We are lucky to watch one movie every other month.  When will these Hollywood types understand that their paychecks are based on the economy.  When gas prices go up – less people can pay to see their movies.  When electric prices go up – less people can pay to see their movies.

This is going to start effecting Cable and Satellite providers.  They keep raising the prices of cable services so the providers can make more money, even though we have to watch all there commercials.  Why do we pay money to get channels that still make us watch commercials every 15 minutes?

One good thing is we will get to watch as movie actors get less and less every movie.  The day of the high paid news person has come and gone also.  Why do you need high paid news people if all they do is repeat what the left wing progressives write to divide and conquer America?  Just some thoughts about what I see going on.