The real reason for the IRS

If you look at what the IRS does and how it works, we are screwed.  The IRS sets it policies to benefit people not to be married.  Have lots of children without being married.  Taxes the middle income crazy amount with little tax breaks.  Gives the poor just enough to get by but not enough to get our of poverty.  The rich and elite hardly pay any tax compared to middle income people.

Look at just basic traffic tickets.  These are discriminating against the poor, in fact, they are just another tax on the poor.  My wife got a ticket for $365 and a set belt ticket for $125.  Whats up with the seat belt ticket?  Who cares if I kill myself in my car with my insurance?  That’s $590 in one stop.  My wife clears maybe $390 after insurance and taxes.  Thats 8 days of work.  To make this fine equal and not discriminate rich people should be fined 8 days of income, (includes investment incomes).

We need to start making a group of people, not black, not white, not hispanic, Poor to middle income people who want fairness in government regulations.  I need a lawyer that would sue for these unfair, discrimination types of rules and regulations. Gas taxes at $1 per gallon hurt poor people 1000 times more the rich ones.  (Rich have 10 million or more)

Please, all Americans who do not think the government is working right, must understand that they just Divide and Conquer us to steal our money.  Progressives can not be helped, but we need the old school liberals, libertarians, conservatives and poor that want to succeed join against the unfair attack to keep us down.