Understand why all the issues in media

The best way to keep control of the people is to divide them up.  We all fall for it every time.  If you have enough issues you can divide up any group especially when you control the media.

Americans need to stay focused on just the important issues and not ones that the government will not do anything about.

We need to go back to the Constitution and not Case Law.

We need to require or cut all government employee’s pay and benefits by 10% first year, 20% second year and so on until they spend what they earn.  Debt is the largest threat to liberty and freedom.  Not the military’s pay because its the only thing in the Constitution we should have and pay for.

Homeland Security must be stopped from operating with weapons in any state.  Local police should be in charge of security using experts provided by Homeland Security.

If you don’t see Homeland Security like the SS in Germany, you are not looking hard.  Bush built is and Obama is refining it.  Why do you think they are cutting military benefits and pay?  They defend and protect the Constitution.  Homeland Security does not.