Illegal immigrants flooding America

We watch the news and hear about all these poor kids coming to America.  The GOP is blaming Democrats but nothing is being done.  The government is trying everything they can to take away Americans guns.  Lets think on one crazy theory.

Ask yourself two questions.

1.  Obama loves America and is doing everything he can to make it a safer place and provide every American a job? or

2. Obama could be a Muslim that dislikes America and how spoiled we are compared to the rest of the world?  Obama wants to bring down American like he has already told us he wanted to? (Look it up, he wants to be remembered for bringing America down)

Is it possible that the sudden rush of children coming across our border less then 2 years before Obama gets out of office is his way to make it very easy for his “friends” to cross into America with anything they want and need to bring down America?  Border patrol has to spend all its time dealing with these children while the drug cartels, and even worse, Muslim extremist, can bring in everything they want and need to terrorize America.  Especially if a “small government” non progressive gets elected in 2016.  Then they can unleash all these terrorist that Obama said are no longer out there.

Does anyone even ask how these kids got the $500 or more needed to cross the border into America?  Who provides them this money?  Why?  Why are we bussing these kids all over America?  Why not fly them back to their country and send them home?  These kids are going to get free everything from welfare to college when the government makes a new “special class” of American.

If you wanted to bring down America, could you think of any better way to move your army into America then what is going on right now?

I just don’t think anything happens by accident.