The Progressives (Communists) plan.

Use all the “Divide and Conquer” groups doing everything they can to keep the media distracted. Who knows what going on right now in government? The news is covering pizza place that will not make pizza’s for gay marriage. Thats the big issue for gays today??? How does forcing a women out of business for having an opinion about gay married become so important? Does the help the gay agenda or hurt them? Groups should fight for their rights but not at the expense of another.

How many Christians before this story would have supported gays and their rights to be equal under the law?  How many now understand that gays should not have the right to destroy others for having an opinion?  The last time I checked, you can have a different opinion.  The huge gay wedding business can go to another Pizza place to cater their wedding.  We know how many gay weddings cater from a Pizza place.

Stop letting these political groups Divide and Conquer America. Just because the media is progressive and wants to divide us up, we should not let them.  Americans have more in common with each other then any of us do with the elites telling us how to feel and what to say.  I promise you that gays and lesbians will not have more rights under a Muslim Dictator.