Where is health insurance going

Obama, in his own words will tell you what is going to happen with our health insurance.  Here is the video link to see what Obama has to say about health care.

Ask any one from Canada where they go for complicated health problems?  Ask those who can afford it where they go from the UK when they need expensive, complicated test and care?  What is the best way to control a person then to hold their life in your hand?  Could anyone tell me one thing that the government runs that makes money and has low operating cost?  I know exactly how much it cost for the insurance company to operate, do you know how much the government will cost?

With the government paying 47% of Americans and within 10 years be a one payer health insurance, How much freedom will we have?  Why will people work if all you have to do is not be married and have lots of children so the government will give you lots of money, including a Obama phone.