Voter Fraud

There is fraud going on in this election.  I have never liked the electronic election machines and after watching this video I know why.  I know this will not change this election and I think it did Romney a big favor.  I don’t think Obama really wanted to do four more years myself but good for him.  I hope he can do every thing all his supporters want him to do, these are very serious people and organizations.  What will he do when the money runs out?  He can only invade other countries or take over the profitable companies from America.  Just taxing will not be enough.

This is not a left or right thing, this is the one thing almost all Americans can agree with.  We do not want voter fraud!  If we do not have a vote then it is no longer America.  Anyone who thinks this is the way to win is only giving away their rights that thousands of Americans have died for.  Then again, its easy to give away something that you did not earn.  Everyone gets a medal in this upcoming generation.